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Why Join Us 

You made it to Colonia, no small achievement but what to do now you are here ?

Why not join the CCN Faction, a multi national band of dedicated Elite Dangerous players with a common goal - Making the CCN Faction great.

We are looking for CMDR's who are love challenges. Are you one of those CMDR's ?

  • Do you like a good mix of trading, combat and exploration ?
  • Are you willing and able to invest time in the CCN Faction ?
  • Do you like to play the BGS in Elite ?
  • Do you have a good sense of humour (essential) ?

We are looking for CMDR's who want to serve their faction.

The rewards are many. We offer comradeship, excitement, a lot of fun and the opportunity to make a difference.

We are not looking for people who collect Discord servers or who are not genuinely interested in helping us.

Naturally we appreciate that real life always comes first. This is, after all, just a game we like to play.

Our demands on your time are simple. All we ask is that you give as much as you are able, when you are able.

To get started click on the CCN logo below and it will connect you to our Discord server where we will welcome you and make you feel at home.

Join Us

Faction History 

Colonia Citizens Network Faction came about as a direct result of the efforts from the early days of CCN. As a Community we have striven to popularise and promote the Colonia region and provide activities and a sense of family. With the arrival of the Colonia Expansion Initiative, the region was flooded with a number of factions wishing to make their mark on Colonia. CCN remained a focal point for that activity.

Colonia - A place of beauty and opportunity

The Colonia hub was setup to bring those factions together and form a kind of council. CCN provided the infrastructure to allow this to happen. Sadly the factions refused to accept our position of neutrality and a breakaway group created the CEI discord for this very reason. CCN had never had an actual in-game presence, this was not a knee-jerk reaction in anyway. After a discussion between the custodians it was decided that we would approach the Developers to see if we could be brought to life within the Elite universe.

Phoenix Harbour .. home to the CCN Faction

Thankfully the developers were open to our suggestion and CCN had it's own presence in game. CCN Faction works from our spiritual home of Phoenix Harbour in the Centralis system, we continue to expand and recently took control of the Poe system and Neon Sanctuary. We are a peaceful but ambitious group of players with a keen sense of fairness. We impose no hard and fast rules on our members and promote that they should enjoy what they are doing. All we ask is that you get involved in the faction be it on discord or in game. If you are interested in joining us for fun or for dedicated BGS action click the faction logo below to join us.

Join Us
Meet The Faction 

Some of the Colonia Citizens Network Faction Members


CMDR Gman (aka Ptarmigan Rock), BGS aficionado, jack of all trades, master of nothing. A vision to see CCN make Colonia safe for democracy through (mostly) peaceful means. Encourages the use of Vulture wolfpacks to mete out justice, typically on Sundays. Usually seen roving CCN space in his Corvette (“Hagz’ Envy”) or Python (“BlackJack”).

CMDR Wishblend

CMDR Wishblend, Seeker of the unknown, Explorer and always looking for the hidden truth. I am a diplomat at heart as well as for the CCN, you will find me either helping out with the faction or working on my next expedition out in the black as you never know what is out there until you go and look.

CMDR XFightingFalconX

CMDR XFightingFalconX (Keeper of the seven Python´s) Explorer, Trader, Miner, Busdriver, Space Tourist and Canyon Racer. Successful Participant of the Christmas Carrier Convoy, Mercury 7 Expedition and Minerva Centaurus Expedition. Seen in the Colonia Region since December 2016. Hopes to get a "Garage" for all his ships in Centralis soon. Mostly found somewhere in the black.


CMDR Fru (CCN guardian). Likes to explore, mine and shoot stuff.He's got your back, eager to help in any activity, in Colonia or in the Bubble. Prefered ship - federal corvette, prefered weapon - railgun. Often seen zipping through neutron highway in his DBX, hunting pirate lords in his vette, scanning outpost data points in his ieagle and ramming landing pads in Colonia Dream, where he keeps his fleet.

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