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Tir-ful Successes.

It is with great joy and pride that i stand beside my fellow factioneers and announce that Tir is won. Quite simply the amount of effort and teamwork this last few days shows testament to what being in a faction should mean in Elite. From new Cmdrs joining the fray to stalwarts dragging there carcases from the bubble to help, it was a true team effort. The rewards are there for us all to revel in.

A huge thank you to Simbad for stepping up when we needed an extra helping hand. We appreciate that and it just solidifies the alliance we have forged since our inception. Your efforts will be rewarded and we definitely got your back.

The list of Comanders includes

  • Fighting Falcon
  • FalconFly
  • Tywinn Cearbhaill
  • Gman
  • Hagz
  • Zinaxis
  • Peroda
  • Z0n
  • Princess Havoc (Nu Simbad)
  • Durka (Nu Simbad)

Cmdr Wishblend arrived today to bestow upon the system our very first exploration drop.

The Battle For Tir

The amazing turn of events that lead to CCN expanding to Tir were nothing short of remarkable, with the steady hand at the helm we shored up things elsewhere and moved to phase 2 of operation. Tir is a high activity system attracting large numbers of players on a regular basis. Whether it is bio waste missions to Deriso or simply taking advantage of the good rewards for mining materials there is never a shortage of new faces.

It is this popularity that is going to make our lives very hard for the next few days. We prepared well for the pending election and were buoyed by our lead over Tir Technology. The joy was short-lived and despite record levels of Faction activity we took a heavy hit. It remains a mystery as to whether it was random commanders visiting the system or a jealous neighbour working against us in secret. But we had to do something. there was nothing for it we simply had to push as hard as we could for as long as we could. New commanders were recruited and old allies invited to help. As yet it remains to be seen what the outcome was after a huge 1000+ influence hits for CCN in one day. Combined with a few special ops we can only hope we stemmed the tide and can push on.

Tomorrow is the deciding day, we need that 3.1% plus to make it happen. The opportunity is there and the prize is in touching distance. Tir is my personal endgame for Colonia, there is nothing else i want, I have achieved all i wanted to so far except this one monumental thing. May the gods shine on us and our efforts be rewarded. Tir will be ours there is no stopping that happening one day but let’s make that day tomorrow.

Welcome To Tir

Ever since CCN was founded and became a living faction, we have courted Tir as a very desirable system. Many a discussion has taken place about how and if we could do it. Finally after an amazing turn of events and some extremely skillful manouvering Colonia Citizens Network has expanded to the system. To all the Commanders that have put in the hours and hardd work we salute you all. Cmdr must take some special praise for steering the course through tricky skies. Even down to an impeccably placed War that shortened our expansion phase to a single day.

War Is Hell

FInally it is over, CCN has just experienced the most tumultuous period of it's existence, War in Far Tauri with Carpe Noctem left us wide open to attack from a number of sources in the region. Influence plummeted across all systems. It was clear we were being orchestrated whilst in our helpless state. Some one (we know who you are) was using our state to push us back. However, they did not consider the resilience we have demonstrated time and again.

Die Schone

Bounty hunting seems to have been weakened as a defence against influence drops in war. Somehow with a lot of hard work we slowed the decline and limited the damage. We are now safely in election and i think those responsible for pushing us round had best take a big gulp of their own medecine. Great work CCN Cmdrs, once again we showed why we are so strong. It does not take huge number but more a few peope with determination and a will to succeed. Never expect an easy ride when you mess with us remember that people.

Wishblend Does It Again

In a fantastic turn of events Cmdr Wishblend has blessed Centralis with it's very own Mega Ship. The ship known as Damask Rose has situated itself in Centralis off planet A-7-A. This station gives an added capability in the region allowing non Horizons players to partake in our community. The Ship was a prize for winning a competition at Lavecon with Spidermind games. They named the Mega Ship Damask Rose and Wishblend had the honour of placing it in our home system.

Once again Cmdr Wishblend thank you.

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