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Hypatia and the Bubble Beverages

Greetings, faction members!

The exploration Beluga named Hypatia will soon depart from the Bubble, and with 60 tons of available cargo space, there is room for some non-standard this case, and because after all Colonia was founded by a bartender : DRINKS. Beverages. Whiskey, wine, tea, coffee, whatever you want really, under the shape of rare commodities that will make the 22,000 lightyears trip from the Mammon asteroid base, the start of the Colonia Connection Highway, to Bolden's Enteprise in Tir.

The fun part? You will get to vote on the 6 beverages that will make the trip aboard Hypatia, by filling this form.

The timeline of the trip is not set in stone, but I expect Hypatia to depart somewhere between the 10th to 12th of July and hopefully arrive in Colonia a week to ten days later.

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