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Sudden Tritium Shortage In Colonia

From our news office in Bolden's Enteprise, Tir System, Colonia Region.

As we are getting news from the Bubble that the markets for several popular mining materials such as low-temperature diamonds are currently crashing due to the long-awaited explosion of the so-called "mining Bubble", an unexpected problem is hitting the Colonia region : Tritium shortage. A common yet somewhat hard to extract radioactive mineral, tritium is used to fuel capital ships, and especially the Fleet Carriers manufactured by the Brewer Corporation.

With the sudden adjustment in prices galaxy-wide, the vast majority of investors in mining companies have withdrawn their participation in existing or projected mining endeavours, resulting in an almost instantaneous and massive reduction in available supply. Though the Bubble is large enough to absorb this economic disaster, at least for a few months, this is not the case for the smaller Colonia region, where only 6 systems out of more than 70 are selling tritium. At the time of writing, the total Tritium supply for the entire Colonia region amounted to 2,472 tons, with all easily accessibe large landing pad stations completely exhausted. The only remaining supplies are currently located at Neugebauer Mines in Luchtaine, Annan Orbital in Sollaro and Berman Market in Alberta, though they are expected to be soon depleted as Fleet Carrier commanders rush to buy the last remaining stocks. Experts from the Colonia Census project that given the current rates of extraction, a large station like Colonia Dream could take months to go back to an available supply exceeding a thousand tons, with no additional trading nor buying.

With this sudden shortage of Tritium arises the question of the future of Fleet Carriers in Colonia, especially in the light of Colonia being a well-known exploration base camp, and a place where many carriers travelling towards the galactic north would stop to resupply. Though movement of Fleet Carriers within the Colonia Bubble should not be impaired by this shortage as the Colonia bubble is less than 50 lightyears across, the status of Colonia as a pit stop for Fleet Carriers is now seriously endangered. 

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