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​Changes To Faction Organisation

With immediate effect the Custodians have proposed and accepted a change to the rank structure within the Faction. We feel that the Guardian role has lost some of its meaning and sparkle as it is meant to be given to those that truly support and push the Faction forward. Historically Guardians would be decided by the Custodians and the rank would be given but from now on there will be a caveat with the Guardian role. We will offer the role as and when we see fit but we would expect to see some form of consistent activity when awarded a promotion. If activity wanes or Cmdrs become disinterested in the Faction we reserve the right to remove the Guardian role.

In addition, we have created the Trustee rank which will be a middle ground between CCN Member and Guardian, this is where I would expect to see the majority of active members, there remains no real requirement for this rank other than that the Custodians think you are worthy. Additional access will be granted to the in depth BGS channels. Trustee status can be withdrawn if we see fit.

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