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When The Going Gets Tough .......

The tough get going. War ended yesterday and the combination of war and investment ravaged our standing region wide. Swift and positive action was needed to turn things around. The Cmdrs of the Colonia Citizens Network did just that. A huge amount of work was completed and we now stand in a much better state of play.

Approximate numbers of activities recorded were.

  • 37 +++++ missions
  • 16 ++++ missions
  • 42 +++ missions
  • 88 ++ missions
  • 20 + missions
  • 1300 data inputs 16.8 million
  • 8.6 million in bounties

A huge thanks to the following Cmdrs (in no particular order) for their efforts.

Cmdrs Gman, Hagz, Head_case, FalconFly, Fru, Lakopa, Muthan and Steyla. For those that helped out but never posted there activity we also extend a huge thanks to you guys too.

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