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Welcome back CMDR Gman

Like others before him, CMDR Gman made a momentous decision recently:

"I'm finding it hard to get excited about ED anymore and have decided to delete my main account and start from scratch. Bye bye engineered corvette and 1.5 B credits. Bye bye triple elite. Hello sidey in the bubble. I hear it's very meta. :) One of the reasons I love RPG games like Skyrim is starting over and trying out a new path. ED isn't really built that way but once you've basically done it all, what else is there to do? My plan is to get enough cash for a 2A FSD and a decent fuel scoop only with basic trading and no 3rd party software and head back to Colonia. Won't even do any scanning, just scoop and jump and hit some neutrons along the way. I want to arrive in Colonia with low cash like I spawned there from the start. Don't care about engineers. Don't care about Thargoids. Just want to get back here as an escape-from-the-bubble roleplay, work my way up to better ships and only stick to Colonia grade stuff. It will all be BGS-focused and there's a lot you can do for the faction with a cheap ship and non A-rated modules. TBH, the most fun I've had in the game over the last several months is Colonia-grade Vulture wing fighting and that will be easy to get to again."

True to his word CMDR Gman recently arrived back in Colonia in a stock Sidewinder. You can see his arrival video on this website in the Media section. Welcome back CMDR .. now go and earn 1 million credits and you can have your Outlander award :-)

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