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War Is Hell

FInally it is over, CCN has just experienced the most tumultuous period of it's existence, War in Far Tauri with Carpe Noctem left us wide open to attack from a number of sources in the region. Influence plummeted across all systems. It was clear we were being orchestrated whilst in our helpless state. Some one (we know who you are) was using our state to push us back. However, they did not consider the resilience we have demonstrated time and again.

Die Schone

Bounty hunting seems to have been weakened as a defence against influence drops in war. Somehow with a lot of hard work we slowed the decline and limited the damage. We are now safely in election and i think those responsible for pushing us round had best take a big gulp of their own medecine. Great work CCN Cmdrs, once again we showed why we are so strong. It does not take huge number but more a few peope with determination and a will to succeed. Never expect an easy ride when you mess with us remember that people.

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