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Tir-ful Successes.

It is with great joy and pride that i stand beside my fellow factioneers and announce that Tir is won. Quite simply the amount of effort and teamwork this last few days shows testament to what being in a faction should mean in Elite. From new Cmdrs joining the fray to stalwarts dragging there carcases from the bubble to help, it was a true team effort. The rewards are there for us all to revel in.

A huge thank you to Simbad for stepping up when we needed an extra helping hand. We appreciate that and it just solidifies the alliance we have forged since our inception. Your efforts will be rewarded and we definitely got your back.

The list of Comanders includes

  • Fighting Falcon
  • FalconFly
  • Tywinn Cearbhaill
  • Gman
  • Hagz
  • Zinaxis
  • Peroda
  • Z0n
  • Princess Havoc (Nu Simbad)
  • Durka (Nu Simbad)

Cmdr Wishblend arrived today to bestow upon the system our very first exploration drop.

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