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An unwarranted act of aggression by Simple Elite Corps

Simple Elite Corps [SEC] (with help from other factions) undertook to take Bolden's Enterprise from CCN. By carefully planning and orchestrating a war, along with completely bogus propaganda, they managed to enlist enough outside assistance to win the conflict. During this time they had the temerity to accuse CCN of starting the war!!! They also appeared to be completely ignorant of Colonia protocols and totally ignored the CEI Discord where matters like this should be discussed.

CCN rallied very quickly to boost their influence in Tir (the system that Bolden's Enterprise is located in) and equalised with SEC. This prompted another war which is ongoing.

There is no doubt that the current issues with the BGS (acknowledged by FDev) were a huge contributing factor to CCN finding themselves pushed into a conflict. Hopefully the BGS issues will soon be resolved and things will return to a more even keep in Colonia.

Fer-De-Lance and Python at Phoenix Harbour

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