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Update from the Colonia Travel Agency in the Bubble

Our sister faction, The Colonia Travel Agency has been busy in the bubble continuing to expand our sphere of influence (more like an oblong blob) farther from our home station of Grimwood Ring in HIP 94863.

Here are the numbers:
  • Present in 30 star systems
  • Controlling 19 systems
  • Owning 27 assets

That puts us in the top 5% of all player factions!!!

After our inception, HIP 94863 was controlled by the very large Communism Interstellar (CI) player group who we signed a non-aggression treaty with and they allowed us to take the system. We have continued to expand to systems they do not control and they do not interfere with us as part of our mutual agreement.

Recently, Denton Patreus sent one of his envoys to us after we had conquered one system too many within their Lunduwalaya sphere. However, in coordination with the CI group, we agreed to give up the Kholevi system (1 coriolis) in return for help in expanding to the Kelin Samba system (3 coriolis stations!) to keep Mr. Patreus happy. This required strong effort from the CI group to retreat a faction and good timing on our part to expand from Vana system and it all worked according to plan. We've already taken 3 outposts in Kelin Samba and are pushing to take the system and the first coriolis!

However to complicate matters in Kholevi, a lone player who supports the non-player group, Defence Force of Kholevi decided it wasn't going to be so easy for a faction pledged to Patreus to take the system. But following a number of hard-won conflicts, the system was flipped and Colonia Travel Agency just defeated the Defence Force of Kholevi in another war!

And in Lunduwalaya, the CI group just took the system from their long-time nemesis, The Dark Armada, "an ancient secret society pledged to both protect and expand the unbreakable Empire by any means". We are now at war with The Dark Armada in Lunduwalaya and the CI group agreed to help us if necessary to win the war and eventually drive them out of the system!

So a lot going on in the Bubble!

Just a reminder to drop me a line if you're in the area and want to help out.

- Gman

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