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CCN Tranquility arrives at La Vitua Nuova

The Fleet Carrier CCN Tranquility, commanded by none other than our dear CMDR Steyla, has arrived at its destination, the system known as La Vita Nuova, after a 6,200 lightyears trip from Colonia, its home region.

La Vita Nuova, also known as Phreia Flyou FG-V d3-116, is a system that was discovered by the same CMDR during the South Western Expedition. It has an entry in the Galactic Mapping Project as it harbors a remarkable configuration with five planets orbiting each other, four of which harbor life and three of which are lush Earth-like worlds. A beacon of greenery in the dark, it is a perfect objective for new explorers, or a resting place for those venturing further south in the Milky Way.

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