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Welcome to the CCN Faction Signup Wizard

Welcome to Colonia Citizens Network Faction. You are here because you are considering making a potentially great move and joining us. We at CCN are a very welcoming bunch and look forward to new CMDR's joining our ranks.
This wizard will take you through the steps required to become a full member. Please answer all and any questions honestly.
The CCN faction is mostly about having fun playing Elite Dangerous with other CMDRs. Yes we are a faction so we do have to do a bit of stuff to keep the faction going but mostly we just want to have a good time :-) We make no demands on your time but we would love for you to join us in our activities (bounty hunting, SRV racing, Canyon racing and other crazy stuff) If that sounds like what you would like to do then answer the questions below and we can welcome you to our Discord server. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please retype your email address in this box.

By clicking the Join Faction button I confirm that I wish to join the CCN Faction and that I want to do crazy fun stuff with other CMDRs :-)

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