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Welcome to the CCN Faction Signup Wizard

Welcome to Colonia Citizens Network Faction. You are here because you are considering making a potentially great move and joining us. We at CCN are a very welcoming bunch and look forward to new CMDR's joining our ranks. Af faction is only as successful as the amount of work done by its member and so ee do expect an amount of activity from you to push the faction forwards.
This wizard will take you through the steps required to become a full member. Please answer all and any questions honestly.
Code of Conduct
The following guidelines outline the actions we expect from our pilots.There will always be exceptions to these rules but we would ask all Cmdrs to stay within these whenever they are representing CCN in game. This document is a living document that can and will be amended when necessary.
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CCN is a peaceful and cooperative organisation so please remember this when interacting with others in-game or in any form of social media. If there is any doubt as to the action you should take, direct questions to the Custodians or to the Diplomatic representative via the CEI discord.
Keep faction business within the faction discord.
Support the faction in the BGS by reading the #orders-of-the-day channel. These will indicate what types of activities we should be carrying out in support of our current state. Any questions can be asked in #chat.
All hostile activity involving player Cmdrs within the factions systems or against faction Cmdrs should be reported in the faction discord.
Please do not conduct actions that serve to undermine faction influence in any system we are present, unless asked to do so in the standing orders for that system. We will not work on actively destabilising a player held faction that controls a system, unless we are attacked by said faction first. Such actions will be led by the BGS coordinator.
Whilst we do not expect Cmdrs to reside wholly in Colonia, we would encourage residence there so you can best support our activities.
Being a member of multiple factions is not prohibited as long as the alternative faction is not in opposition to CCN. Ideally alternative factions should be Bubble-based.
It is a members duty to keep up to date with ongoing activities and changes in the faction policy. Ignorance of the guidelines is not an excuse for breaking them.
By agreeing to become a member of CCN you are joining a motivated team of players . As a member you are expected to take part in activities as and when needed which help that faction with its aims and objectives. We need active commanders so please consider this before accepting a position in CCN as inactivity can lead to withdrawal of faction member status.
By clicking the Join Faction button I confirm that I wish to join the CCN Faction, I have read and agree to abide by the code of conduct above and understand that unexplained periods of inactivity could lead to withdrawal of faction member status.

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