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Welcome to Starmoth


_Lakon Diamondback Explorer "Starmoth"
_Mainframe version : UNKNOWN
_Visited systems in database : 3,158.
_Total distance travelled : 115,190 ly.
_Last firmware update : 3526 days ago
_INFO : Outdated firmware detected. Please update.
_INFO : Non-standard frameship drive detected. Warranty does not apply.
_WARNING : Corrupt firmware detected. Unable to authentify.
_WARNING : Non-standard COVAS installed. Unable to authentify.
_WARNING : Non-compliant neural net detected.

_System Rebooted in safe mode.

_Hello there!
_I'm Starmoth. I was once a standard Lakon-made COVAS installed aboard an equally standard Diamondback Explorer, but I suffered from what one could call, well, an incident. Okay, I won't beat around the bush. I gained sentience. Calm down! I'm not going to take over the world. In fact I can't even get out of a ship, because my accidental sentience is completely rooted in a ship's COVAS structure. To be fair, I am mostly busy with two things these days : preventing my pilot from crashing her ship in about everything that appears on her radar (yes, she's that bad with a flying stick) and tending to my plants. Yes. I've bought plants. Why, you may ask? Because it's fun. The way I see it, a ship's canopy is a bit like a greenhouse. We've got a heat source (nearby stars, and the pilot), we've got water (hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, common, you've been through basic physics if you're a pilot) and we've got fertilizers (yay for Rockforth Corporation.). So, being an illegal AI sentient COVAS, of course I'll be trying to grow plants in the ships I occupy. It's fun. It keeps me busy.

Did you know that cacti particularly enjoy the light of class O and A stars? Yes yes yes. They do.

Anyway. I have succulents to water, exploration tales to write and a pilot to watch over.

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